Oskar Johansson’s home site sign translation

Below is the google translation of the sign at the site of his homes.

Bjennsjön nt! The last settler was Oskar Johansson born in 1886 in Yttersniark, raised on Bynäset, Botsmark. Married to Elsa Lundström born 1892 in Bratfors Savar. They moved here from Kvarnbackeni Botsmark in 1913 with their daughter Magnhiid born in 1912. Oskar worked as a forest manager at a forest company In Bjennsjön was born Elfrid in 1914, Margit 1917, Maria 1920 and Edmnd in 1923. a home in Häggnäs for new cultivation On 11 Aug. In 1926, the dwelling house burned down, probably after the soot fire that had previously been on the morrow. At home was Magnhild with her little siblings Maria and Edmund, they had gone to the forest to pick some blueberries and on the way home saw that it was smoking from the roof. Magnhild ran home and tried to extinguish the fire in the wind with the help of a fire extinguisher and almost succeeded but saw that help was needed here and ran to Kettbergheden. She soon met Albert Larsson and another man who came to cut, but the fire had taken hold in the sawdust. The wind blew against the baker’s cabin echiven it and the log cabin, recently filled with firewood for the year, burned down. Everything of value brano inside. The other family was in Häggnäs for mowing. The family lived in a bakery cottage Häggnäs for a start. The lodge in Bjennsjön was demolished and sawed to boards for a new dwelling house in Haggnas and a larger barn where the barn was furnished for the first winter. Haggnäs extended the family with Maida in 1927, Majvor in 1931 and Karl-Olov in 1933. Sa bley Bjennsjön a “replacement” and in mowing the family moved here with cows and lived in a stall that stood on the plot and brought along the kitchen equipment needed. A small stove was placed outside the booth to be used for cooking. On the 4th of August In 1931 the mower Bjennsjön was finished and the hay loaded. Mother Elsa had cooked porridge and went to those who loaded the last cage, which would be taken home, so that everyone would have eaten before they started walking towards Häggnäs. On the way back, she sees how the living room is burning with all the kitchen and bedding that is used. The wind blows towards the barn so it also ignites and all loaded hay burns up, even 2 bikes and div. horse-drawn vehicles. It has been speculated on the cause, if it had dropped glow from the stove on the ground or if any of the calves had pushed it. Bjennsjön was not a successful venture for the young family. * 2004 GJ

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