Sweden Trip Day 12, Luleå

We woke up in the guest cabin of Britta and Kjell. I loved the style of their cabins, especially the woven rugs.

Here are some sights from their yard including a hare and vegetation similar to ours.

We saw two moose (meese) on the way to Luleå.

Here is s logging operation in action.

We then went to the Nederlulea church which was gorgeous.

Then we went to the church town surrounding it. This town and its history were fascinating to me.

This is a shop, but you can see what the interiors of these cottages would be like.

There were some wonderful items for sale in this shop.

Then we visited a house moved here that is very similar to my GG grandparents home in Svensbyn. Craig and Kjell were able to confirm the similarities of layouts and contents of the houses.

We visited gardens with descriptions of the plants grown in northern Sweden.

Here is an example of a privy.

In another home, they painted art on the bare interior wood.

Here are some Swedish cows and their shelter.

Here are some Swedish sheep.

Here is a stone barn with a water transfer system, cattle stalls, and seasonal tools on the walls.

Here is Britta and Kjell waiting for us we explore the museum.

Here is a hedgehog running around the property.

Here is a unique circular hand towel on a rack.

We went to a Sami inspired shop with some nice wooly items.

This is a Morgan car we saw in a garage on the way back.

We then went to the Luleå waterfront where we saw their ice breakers, information about ice formation and their marina.

Then we picked up Iris who is the niece of my great grandmother Elin and mother to Kjell. Then we went to the home of Inger and Stig. Inger is Kjell’s sister. There we discussed old photos of the family and had a lovely dinner.

Then we returned to the guest cabin. The video shows how peaceful it is there.

Next up, we drive to Kiruna!

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  1. Jeanne says:

    It’s all so interesting!! I love those beautiful old buildings! Thanks for sharing!

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