Sweden Trip, Day 13, To Kiruna

I started the day listening to the waves and the birds.

We had breakfast and then said goodbye to Britta and Kjell. We then started driving north toward Kiruna. We stopped for gas and a car wash. This gas station was interesting in the BBQ equipment and magazine selection.

We stopped at a ski area and were wondering about all these small buildings. We finally figured out that there are meant to attach to a trailer during ski season.

We drove by the Treehotel. It has been visited by people from all over the world. Britta has been involved in its development.

We continued along the river to Vuollerim. There had been a museum there with archeological pieces obtained from there demonstrating life 6000 years prior in the Stone Age. Unfortunately the museum had closed and all that is left is a house replica and a maypole.

We then went to the arctic circle. I believe this is the first time I have been north of it. I did not realize that it moved so much.

We then continued heading north to Jokkmokk. We had lunch there (marinated reindeer salad and punsch roll for me). We then went to their museum about the Sami people which was fascinating.

I love the construction of their shelters.

Animal prints in the snow.

Sami skis, some 4000 years old.

A replica of a sacrificial site for the gods.

A drum from the 1600s.

Their clothing, basket weaving, reindeer saddle, sorrel preservation and dog containment techniques.

This is a display of Swedish birds that I only photographed part of.

This describes the ice age changes and ability of the caribou/ reindeer and associated people to migrate between America and Europe.

Sami costumes from different areas as well as their silver work, knitting and embroidery work.

These photos describe their and the local settlers agricultural techniques.

Their handicrafts often used for trade.

We then headed north past dams, forests, lakes and mining operations to the Ice Hotel.

Above is my room for the night (my lens was frosted at this point) and below are some exterior views.

We went into Kiruna to find dinner. They have already started moving some of the buildings due to the town sinking from extensive mining.

We ate at Stejk Street Food. I had the moose and bacon sub.

We headed back through Kiruna to the Ice Bar for cocktails.

Then I tried to sleep in my ice room.

I did not sleep much due to me not wanting to turn the lights off to a totally dark room plus a hard mattress. I actually stayed quite warm. I gave up and went to a warm room at 4:00 am to get a little sleep

Quite an adventure the entire day was. Now my mother and I will part with Craig and Amy and take the train to Luleå.

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