Sweden Trip Day 14, Back to Luleå

This was my view from my sleeping bag most of last night.

And this is how light it was at 4:00 this morning when I left the ice room and moved to the warm room.

And these are the sounds when I got up again at 8:00. I think there are sled dogs housed on the other side of the river.

Above is my Ice Hotel diploma. And below was their breakfast. It was probably the best Swedish breakfast I had on the trip. And we were all thrilled by the mini Kalles tubes there.

So we checked out. Above was where my warm room was. Then we drove to the train station. On the way we finally saw the reindeer that Britta said 100% sure we were going to see. They were impressive.

Then we said goodbye to Craig and Amy. We got on a train to Luleå, and they were going on the Kiruna mine tour.

From the train windows you could see some of the mining operations as well as northern forests, rivers and lakes.

One thing that impressed me was that there were fences on both sides of the tracks. I was thinking it must be really hard work putting up fence posts in such rocky ground.

This was the lunch we brought into the train. We have almost finished the Västerbotten cheese.

Unfortunately there had been a train accident the day before so part of the track was impassable. So after 2 hours we had to get on the bus and take the next 2.5 hours on a bus. We ended up on the same route we drove up on. But parts of it were still pretty.

We checked into a hotel in Luleå near the train station. I thought the dream catcher was interesting. I took a nap while Mom explored the area.

She found a nice cafe where we had nice dinners. I had a pasta dish, and she had entrecôte with potatoes and vegetables. We like her mini cast iron dishes.

We will go to bed early as we have an early morning flight to Stockholm and then long flights to Iceland and Seattle. And this will be the end of our epic Sweden Trip. Thanks for following along.

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  1. vesta8 says:

    Thank you for sharing the journey with us — so much to see!

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