While I Was Away

Truffle and Rosalie grew quite a bit. 

The turkeys grew as well.Tom replaced the alleyway fence (and dropped a fence post pounder on his leg).

The sheep missed me.   Some of them like Tom, but they like me better.

Tom put up 11.5 tons of hay filling the hay barn and mostly filling the hay loft.   The hay help left a gate unlocked, and the goats ate my grapes (again).  Fortunately they mostly ate the morning glory encasing the grapes so my grape vines seemed to have survived.   The garden has grown by leaps and bounds.  Tom picked all the peas and bush beans and froze them.  The corn is becoming ripe.  We have pumpkins and zucchini.  Tom picked most of the blueberries and froze them but there will be more.  The sunflowers are opened.  The squashes are going crazy to the point it is hard to find the melons and the eggplants.   So a lot happened while I was gone.

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4 Responses to While I Was Away

  1. Jeanne says:

    Boy, I’ll say! A whole lot happened while you were gone! Is Tom’s leg okay? Your birds look really good. The pigs are getting big.

    Should we give Tom a round of applause?! I think so!

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    Wow- Tom has been busy! And your garden looks amazing. I’ve been so bad with keeping up with ours this year- the things that have volunteered in and around the compost are actually doing much better!

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