Labor Day Boles

So we headed to our Boles Aero on Sunday morning after I got off of work. Above we are heading out. Tom brought his quad and Luther, his new-to-him Honda 90. We brought Steve and Rocky with us.

On Sunday I got the Boles cleaned up. We had not been there since Father’s Day so it needed it. Then I got some knitting done.

We then were able to enjoy a nice sunset and crescent moon.

We then had the party lights lit and enjoyed an amazing dinner of bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon with our potatoes and green beans.

On Monday Tom crawled around under both Boles patching any potential mouse holes. Then he went grouse hunting. I cleaned the bunkhouse, did some improvements on our bathroom, and then finished the last of the Shetland murder mysteries.

We had a nice dinner with smoked pork chops with our potatoes and corn.

Rocky was not doing well on Monday. He slept all day and wouldn’t eat. So we were worried and wondering if we should have gone to the Boles at all. But we did have another nice sunset.

This morning we packed up and left. Rocky seemed better. He is perkier and ate a fair amount. We will get him safely back home and continue to try to spoil him in his last days.

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4 Responses to Labor Day Boles

  1. Jeanne says:

    That sounds like a very nice weekend! And those were lovely sunsets.
    It’s that a sock you’re knitting? Nice yarn!
    I’m very sorry about Rocky. We’re going through similar things with Keni, my daughter’s service dog. He’s thirteen years old, and failing much earlier than we expected.

    • Donna says:

      It was a nice weekend, mostly relaxing, which is what I needed. It was so quiet and peaceful this morning, not sure how to describe it. It is a hat I was knitting. Finished it on the drive home. It is hard to care for dogs at the end of their lives. We have done this a lot recently and it is so hard. But it is harder for them. It turns out he likes lunch meat, so I bought a bunch on the way home.

  2. Michelle says:

    Do you think the altitude bothers Rocky? Seems he has a harder time up at the Boles; could be hard on his heart.

    • Donna says:

      Maybe. I was wondering if he has some dementia and got confused where he was. He couldn’t sleep Sunday night and kept pacing the trailer. Regardless he is home now and more comfortable. I doubt he will go back.

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