Animal Produce

Above is just a cute photo of our new chicks with their mama.  No more chicks, just the two.  But they are cute.

I am not sure I have posted about this, but a good portion of our vegetable garden is meant for the critters and not our use.  Sure they get our trimmings and pressings,  but they also get whole foods too.  I grow lots of pumpkins for the animals.  Pumpkins are a universal favorite among all of our animals.  Here is Rosalie (covered in mud so it is hard to see it is her) eating a pumpkin this morning.

And I grow sunflowers for the local birds.  They love them.  

I grow extra turnips for the critters too.

This morning I decided to get brave and see if those green orbs in the garden were melons or squashes.  I picked one,

and cut it open.  It is an unripe spaghetti squash.  So I think my dreams of melons might be dashed.  No more sacrificial squash.  BTW, our first granddaughter is due any day.  Exciting times for us, our grandson and his parents.  Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Animal Produce

  1. Jeanne says:

    That is one dirty piggy!! 😀
    We never grew spaghetti squash, so i wouldn’t know one if i saw it. Sorry it wasn’t a melon!
    Congratulations on your soon to be born granddaughter! That’s exciting!

    • Donna says:

      They love the mud on a warm day. I wished it was a melon but am happy we have a large crop of spaghetti squash this year. I love make pasta dishes with them. Still waiting on the granddaughter. We are hoping she will be born today. Stay tuned!

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