Granddaughter Piper Jeanette

Tom’s daughter Jaylene went into early labor yesterday morning. She was admitted to the hospital, and we went there in the afternoon to pick up our grandson William. Here he is napping on the way to our house.

We had dinner on the back porch with homemade mac and cheese, grilled chicken, grilled hot dogs and our green beans.

Then William wanted to go quad riding after dinner.

There was a pretty sunset,

More quad riding with William at the controls,

And then they went to check for coyotes across the street.


After that we went  inside to watch the first regular season football game of the year.  We had bought a second hand Ikea fold away bed and set it up in our living room.  William said the couch was uncomfortable, and I do not trust him on our stairs to the guest bedroom yet.  We put great gramma Joan’s quilt on it.  He was happy with the new bed (and it will be Tom’s new hunting bed too).


This morning I received a text that Jaylene was still pushing, and they were talking about a possible C-section.  William wanted to help me with the animal chores, and he loves chicks. Here he is holding one.

Meanwhile Tom was fixing the training wheels on the Honda 50.  After he had it fixed, William rode around our yard on it.  He did well but ended up in the weeds and got scared.

So they switched to riding Luther, Tom’s new-to-him Honda 90. We also got news that they were prepping Jaylene for a C-section.

Then we picked apples and pears in the orchard.  There we received the news that Jaylene and Piper were doing well. We finished our picking, cleaned up and headed to visit them.  Here is William meeting baby Piper for the first time.

Here is Tom holding her.

And here is baby Piper with the hat I knit for her. Pretty cute, huh?

Here are William, Russ, Piper and Jaylene, the newly expanded family.

And here I am holding Piper for the first time.

After a nice visit, we headed back home.  Our living room is transformed into William’s bedroom.  And it is completely wonderful.

We are creating lifetime memories for William.  I believe I remember not sleeping in the top bunk of a bunkbed when my mother Greg was born.  Do any of you remember when your younger siblings were born?

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5 Responses to Granddaughter Piper Jeanette

  1. Cottontailfarm says:

    I remember my dad making me a grilled cheese sandwich which he cut into lots of tiny triangles. My sister came home from the hospital on my 4th birthday.
    What a wonderful time for your family. Congratulations!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Nope! I’m the youngest of three girls. I asked my next oldest sister if she remembered that time, but she didn’t. She’s 4 1/2 years older.
    Piper is beautiful! I really like the picture of you holding h her.

  3. FullyFleeced says:

    Very sweet. Such a pretty little bebe 🙂
    I don’t have any clear memories of when my little brother first showed up ( I would have been three) – but I think I must have been waiting at my grandparents place, just like William!

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