Three days ago, I took photos of misted spider webs on our gate.  It felt very autumny.  No signs of frost.

This morning we had our first frost of the season.  With the death of the pumpkin vines I can see our pumpkins better.  This has to be our best harvest ever of large pumpkins.  I can easily count 17.  Expect lots of jack-o-lanterns this year.   Unfortunately the comfrey that has invaded out garden has not died yet.

I thought I had been recording our first frosts on our paper calendars for quite a few years.  I dug out the old calendars today, and it turns out it was not as long as I thought.  But nonetheless, this is the earliest frost we have had in the last 6 years.  Here are the recent dates (as best as I can determine): 10/29/13, after 10/17/14 but before 11/14/14, 11/10/15, 10/11/16, 12/12/17, 10/14/18, and 10/9/19.

And it feels more wintery already.

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4 Responses to Frost

  1. Michelle McMillen says:

    We’re expecting our first frost tonight. I covered my basil and pepper plants, and brought in the stevia and geraniums from the deck.

  2. Jeanne says:

    It does seem to be getting colder, earlier this year. I’m not sure how cold it got here. Definitely more chilly in the house! I hope we get some warmer weather yet.
    Your spiderweb pics are pretty.
    I checked the thermometer – it says the low temp was 34°.

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