We will be butchering Sydney later this month.  She is a 3+ year old 1/2 Highland and 1/2 Dexter cow.  She has been grass feed her whole life except grain when she was pregnant/initially nursing and grain and apple pressings this last month.  

She has had a good cow life (although she would prefer more grain, she tells us all the time) and she will have a humane death.  We are planning on keeping 1/2 of her meat and selling the other half.  We expect she will produce low fat beef, at least partially due to her Highland heritage.

It will be $3.50 per pound based on hanging weight which includes the cut and wrap feeds.  So let me know at if you are interested in a portion of her meat.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    It would be nice to buy some of your beef, but I’m not sure if would be very practical for me, since we probably live at least 400 miles apart! How far is it a Puyallup from where you live? We’re about 300 miles from Puyallup.

  2. Jeanne says:

    So my guess of 400 miles was close! I’m sure you sold your beef, right?
    I really miss the fun times we used to have in the Puyallup area with my family. it’s tough when death and illness take their toll.

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