New York City Day 1

We flew out of SeaTac yesterday afternoon and our flight was delayed so we had some time at the airport. We went to the SubPop shop there. Here is a poster of their albums.

We had lunch there and I asked for an Old Fashioned, and this is what I got.

We landed at JFK around 11:30 PM. Here is the view as we crossed the Hudson River going into Manhattan. We arrived in our hotel room after 1:00 AM

I attended a conference in the morning while Tom explored the area and found us a lunch spot. Here is our amazing lunch at Pazza Notte. And I have leftover pizza.

Later in the afternoon we walked around Central Park.

I loved the buildings up in the clouds.

This is the Sheep Meadow.

This is Hans Christian Anderson.

This is Alice in Wonderland.

This is Tom at Strawberry Fields.

The Dakota.

This was an attempt to take a photo of the marquee outside of the Beacon Theater. It didn’t work, but I think it looks kind of artsy.

Next we went to Zabar’s.

I was surprised to find Swedish caviar in a tube there.

Plus surprised by Christmas pudding at a Jewish grocer.

They had an amazing tea selection.

We had dinner at their cafe. I had matzoh soup and a Reuben panini. It was warm and yummy.

Then we went into the Beacon Theater to see Jerry Seinfeld.

He was so funny! Unfortunately he did not wish to be recorded in any way during his performance which I respected. We made it via taxi back to our hotel. It has been a cold rainy day. So now it is time to warm up, dry off and get some sleep. Plus it is nice to have some quiet, but we had a great day, and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    My column ended right after the Hans Christian Anderson picture. Maybe it ‘ll come in better tomorrow! I hope so…

  2. Jeanne says:

    Well! Guess what? It only worked a bit better the next day on my lap top. This morning it came inn like a charm on my Kindle!!

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