Smoke Alarm and Upcoming Cold Weather


So we got home about midnight after the Los Lobos show.  And at 6 AM the smoke detector went off.  Tom valiantly went to see what was the matter while Steve and I stayed in the bedroom.  It was the exhaust fan in our pellet stove had given up.  Here it is.

Steve and I stayed in the bedroom until 7 while the smoke cleared, and then Tom headed to Coastal to get parts at 8 while I did the chores.  Tom replaced the fan while I finished the critter chores.  Here is the stove partially put back together but working!

Here is the side view with the guards still off of it but making heat!You will notice Orla, our wooden duck, in the background on her beak.  She is the only casualty of this whole affair.  She broke her foot in the melee.

The weather forecast is for cold temperatures, down to 15 degrees here by Monday.  So getting the stove fixed was a priority, but there are other priorities too.  Tom put a second layer of insulation in our pump house to help keep our pump from freezing.

My priority was to get the hot tub cleaned and refilled.

I was inspired by the soaking tub at the Crystal Hotel to use our wood fired hot tub more.  It is work to get it ready but totally worth it.  And I wanted to do it before the water hoses potentially freeze.  It looks like a clear sky and a full moon tonight so looking forward to a soak.

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2 Responses to Smoke Alarm and Upcoming Cold Weather

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry about your scare, but thankful it all worked out well. Fire is really a scary thing.
    Your wooden duck is really beautiful! Can her broken foot be repaired?
    Have you been able to enjoy your hot tub? I hope so!

    • Donna says:

      It did work out and the stove told us it needed help before it got too cold. Fire terrifies me so I do make sure the smoke detectors are working. Orla is pretty. Her foot is being glued as we speak. Hopefully she will be nearly as good as new. We did enjoy the hot tub on Thursday evening. I am hoping to enjoy it again in this upcoming arctic weather.

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