Mean Rooster And Other Farm News

So this morning I did the animal chores so Tom could work on the baler.  Here is our raked grass almost dry enough to bale.

And here is Tom working on our baler.

I noticed that Diddley lost another tooth.  

We seem to have a good crop of barn swallow chicks this year.  So the big news is that two days ago when I was at work, Tom found our second smallest rooster dead in the chicken pen.  Apparently his head was heavily pecked and bloody.  So he suspected that he was attacked by another rooster.  This was a small rooster that had escaped when we were collecting the roosters to be butchered.  He was small so I didn’t think it was worth the effort to catch hm so he was pardoned.  Here he is in 2015,

and in 2016.  He was a perfectly nice rooster and never caused any problems.  

Then yesterday while I was doing chores, the red rooster attacked our Little Man.  That cinched it.  It is one thing to be intimidating but another to kill fellow roosters.  So we caught the red rooster and put him in the weasel proof pen.  Here he is this morning in his last moments.  He is our dinner tonight.  I did say I’m sorry, for what it is worth.  I know it is just his nature to fight, but we have a bunch of up and coming roosters, and we cannot have more carnage.  Plus Little Man is quite important to us.  It may be the end of an era as we have always had a red roosters from the same line.  So now we will move on to other roosters.

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8 Responses to Mean Rooster And Other Farm News

  1. I used to have chickens. We had three roosters in all those years. The first one just showed up in our locked coop one morning. I guess it went in with the hens the night before. The other two were from a group of chicks we bought. We had one silkie rooster who was so nice. The other two were so nasty. Eventually the silkie got mean too. I tried to find someone to take them but never did. This was a long time ago and my late husband had to kill two of them because they started attacking us. We didn’t even need to be near a hen and the would come running and stab us with their spurs. Once I literally had three holes in my leg.
    I miss having hens, I don’t like roosters.

    • Donna says:

      I have liked almost all of the roosters we have had. Even this one was respectful of us. And they guard the hens against the eagles which is nice. Plus they are so beautiful. This one was tough to eat though.

      • I couldn’t eat one. When I eat meat if I think about the animal it came from I sort of gag and feel sick.

      • Donna says:

        I have a different reaction. I think about the life and humane death I gave it. Eating it and having it become part of me feels like I am giving it respect.

      • Wow, that is true. When you see how some of the mass markets treat their animals it is so sad. Apparently years ago Frank Purdue got tons of shit for how bad he was to his chickens. Now they are all free range and people do surprise visits just to make sure he sticks with it.🐔🐓

  2. Jeanne says:

    It’s too sad that roosters can attack the people to feed them and care for them……

  3. sanebishop says:

    He was a handsome rooster, but roosters come, roosters go, as we all do I guess.

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