was not a good day for me.  I started out by getting up early to clean the fish tanks.  I found that my Betta fish had dropsy so I had to euthanize him.  It made me sad, largely because I felt guilty about not keeping his tank clean enough, not recognizing it soon enough and his suffering.

Then we did the animal chores.  Nothing bad to report with the animals.  The three chicks are doing well, but the mother is not setting on the unhatched eggs so those developing chicks are likely dead.  Tom had purchased a pair of Grunden’s boots, and this was his first time wearing them on the farm.  He found them at Lummi Fishery Supply in Bellingham for only $109.  Here are our two pairs of Grunden’s together.  He was quite happy with them.

After animals I harvested basil, zucchini, tomatoes and a cucumber.  I premade 4 salads for lunch with our romaine lettuce, ripe (not these) tomatoes, cucumbers and dill (in the buttermilk dressing).  So I did have a nice lunch.   After lunch I cut up 24# of plums for making wine while Tom cleaned the moss off of the roof.  He yelled at me when I couldn’t stabilize the ladder to his liking to get off the roof.  I know it was because he is nervous about heights, but it upset me for the rest of the afternoon.

I realized that I did not have enough drinking water to finish my wine (we do not drink our well water because it is mineraly).  So I drove to the store to purchase water on the way to get my COVID test (#6).  Back home I added boiled sugar water to the wines and started dinner.  First I made Vegetable Marrow and Apricot Soup from my Downton Abbey cookbook.  It took a while to get the ingredients.  I had been waiting to have zucchini (AKA marrow which we have in abundance).  But then it was tricky to find apricots and instant tapioca in the stores.  I finally found both, and here is the soup being cooked.

And here it is in the bowl.  I did not take the time to iron the place mat this time.  It was good, elegant and different.   Then I made the rest of the dinner.  I used our hamburger and tomatoes for the burgers.  I used our potatoes and basil to make the Potato and Pesto Gratin.  And there were leftover Onion Cheesies from my grandmother’s recipe (I will post more about this later).

After dinner I watched TV and knitted.  There is seemingly nothing on TV anymore.  I ended up watching the end of the Mariners game (the last one for a bit due to COVID + Oakland players) and the news (which is really depressing).

Sorry to whine, but it was not a good day.  And now I am in quarantine for 2 days.  Yesterday was also particularly bad with the palpitations, shortness of breath and sweats so that didn’t help either.  I think my illness and the pandemic are finally getting to me a little.  I know I have it better than almost everyone in this pandemic, but it is still hard.  I would love to hear advice from you about what has worked for you in coping with the pandemic and with chronic illness.

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