Animal Tasks

During our herd health check, the veterinarian had suggested that I shampoo the goats that are having issues with mites.  So I bought some medicated equine shampoo, and today it was warm enough to wash them.  I have never washed a goat before.  I did wash a sheep, Spike, after I rescued him.  I knew the goats would hate it, and they did.  Here is Shorty being washed.

And Billy being washed.  

I hope this helps them with their mite issues.  Shorty, in particularly, needs to grow some hair on her back legs before the weather turns cold.  I also bought some Moxidectin, on the vet’s advice, in case the mites are becoming resistant to the ivermectin I had been using.

One other issue today was the fact that all of our ripe ears of corn that we didn’t pick has been eaten.  We still have a few unripe cobs left so I decided to make rabbit/deer repellant today and sprayed them.  Here it is all mixed up.  I really hope this works.

Rabbit repellent spray

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2 Responses to Animal Tasks

  1. FullyFleeced says:

    washing goats does not sound like fun…..

    • Donna says:

      I wasn’t fun but they did not put up as much of a fuss as I thought they would. I guess they figured it was useless since I had them both well tied up. They dried pretty quickly. I am glad I got that done before the smoke came in. It is an indoor day for me now.

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