I usually try not to be political on this blog. But yesterday was historic as a low point in the history of my country. I always worried that this presidency would end in a civil war, and it seemed to be happening. But I will say there was bravery and resilience that showed itself and made me proud. 2021 is not starting well for myself, my country and my world, but there are still reasons to hope that it will improve. My ankle is improving (and we are getting a beagle puppy). There should be a new president in 13 days. And there are multiple vaccines (one of which was given to one of my favorite bloggers). So hang on everyone. Things should get better.

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  1. kapperkay says:

    Omg, I totally agree! I try not to say anything political as well, because quite honestly, I don’t want to get into a disagreement. But I’m to the point now where I just don’t care what anyone thinks about my political views. Enough is enough, people were killed yesterday, not to mention the thousands of lives lost to Covid because of indifference. It’s sad beyond belief. But I do see positivity on the horizon and I have hope. I have to. And just like your ankle is healing, we as a nation will too. Hugs to my fellow Americans😊

  2. Donna says:

    As a P.S. I wasn’t able to spin for St. Distaff’s Day because of my ankle so that is a bummer.

  3. Jeanne says:

    My daughter and I were gone most of yesterday, so didn’t know what all was going on in DC, until we got home. I was filled in this morning by a good friend, and then we both turned on our TVs and watched, I pray that all will go well for our country.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to spin on St. Distaff’s Day. Maybe you can write to me and tell me a bit about that. I’m so glad your ankle is getting better!

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