Little Man

Little Man was dropped off by someone on our farm on 06/30/13.

new rooster little man 063013

He fit in well with out little poultry flock.  

Little Man 012814


little man 042016


He developed his own harem of hens here.

little man and harem 021118


Little Mans harem 101818

little man rooster 012719


For a period of time, he lived in the grampa shed.  

Little Man and his hens in the shed 030719


He seemed to prefer the bigger hens.

little man and rasa buff hen 040920


He generally got along with the other roosters.

roosters with little man 041820


Little Man 061420


Little Man Bantam rooster 051620


Little Man and hen with squash 102520


Little Man eating pumpkin 110220


But recently he had started looking ill.  

sick Little Man 012021


And then today I found him dead. So incredibly sad. He was a major personality on our farm, and we will miss him incredibly. He had quite the personality. It will never be the same here. We are not sure how old he was but at least 8.5 years. It looks like the lifespan of a bantam chicken is 4-8 years so we did OK. I think he had a great rooster life, but it is still so sad.

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  2. kapperkay says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry about Little Man. He was a beauty! I love poultry- when my boys were small I used to let them ride their bikes into Snohomish on the river road before the new road was built. They always managed to stop in at the co-op and bring baby chicks back. Probably not a good idea since we live within city limits. They even brought back guinney hens, much to the neighbors delight. Those birds are LOUD! I miss those days but life goes on and I’m left with one chihuahua with an attitude.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m really sorry about your loss. Little Man was really a beautiful little guy! It would be interesting to know what his life was like before he was “dumped” at your place. But I know you gave him a good home. I always enjoyed your stories about him.

    My mother had a small flock of bantams, long after my sisters and I were all married and gone to live in other places. They were so cute, and the little rooster would start welcoming the new day early in the morning. So much fun!! I never found out how she happened to have them. I’ll have to ask my older sister. (My parents lived on a farm on the bank of the Snake River east of Ontario, OR. I grew up there.) The sad thing was that one time when my parents were gone for the weekend, they came home to find every last little chicken gone!! They never knew what happened to them.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne. The barnyard is certainly not the same without our little rooster. He is missed. My guess is that he was a kid’s chick project that became a rooster that they couldn’t keep. I have concerns about what story was told when he “left”, if that was the case. I think he enjoyed his home here. That is neat that your mom had bantams. I am not sure of their purpose other than they are cute. You should ask your sister how they came about. It might be an interesting tale. Tom has been to that area of the Snake River and says it is beautiful. So you were lucky to live there, I am guessing. That is sad about losing all the chickens at once like that. Must have been a shock. Donna

  4. FullyFleeced says:

    So sorry to hear about the passing of Little Man. 🙁

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