Snowpocalypse and Pandemic Valentine’s Day


I don’t think that the photos and video do justice to how beautiful the snow is.

cows and snowy treessnowy trees behind middle back fieldsnowy trees beside donkey pen

My tracks from yesterday are already covered up. 

We are estimating 7 inches.

There is snow and ice hanging from the garage roof.  

The chickens are hanging in the barn more than usual.  

The sheep are concerned about a beagle puppy.

The tomato hot house took a beating from the weight of the snow.

It looks a little better after I brushed it off.

Ryeleigh still is cute, but she is a lot of work.


I thought it might be romantic to make Croque Monsieur for lunch as we had ham available. It was an idea from Going Gently.  Here it is.  


I made Croque Madame for myself.  It was great.


I bought Turkish Coffee with cardamon to make truffles for dessert.  


I made a Hurricane cocktail pre-dinner.  It was nice as it was tropical on a snowy day and pink on Valentine’s Day.


Tom wanted to try a Swedish meatball recipe from the newspaper, and I thought Valentine’s Day was a good day for it.  We didn’t have any egg noodles so I decided to make them from scratch.  I made the cranberry sauce from scratch too as I didn’t have any lingonberries.  


The dinner was incredibly good.  We watch this movie with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz afterwards.


It was a great Valentine’s Day.

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8 Responses to Snowpocalypse and Pandemic Valentine’s Day

  1. What a lovely weekend of cooking and snow gazing It’s so beautiful when it sticks to the trees! Love croque monsieur, as well as the The Long Long Trailer!

  2. kapperkay says:

    Your pics are lovely – I wish the snow could hang around longer but this is coming from someone who doesn’t have to work or drive in it, although I did chance it yesterday and drove to Seattle. Very carefully😬
    OMG, homemade noodles! There’s nothing quite like it! My mom was a wonderful cook and seamstress but unfortunately she didn’t pass those on down to me☹️ However I did manage to learn some basic knitting from YouTube which I really enjoy – now if I can just progress to something other than scarves LoL!!!
    The Long, Long Trailer – epic!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks. Since I had to work today I am happy the snow is melting. My car stinks in the snow. The noodles were SO good. Definitely will be doing that more although I made way too many. Congratulations on the knitting. It always starts with scarves. I had never heard of this movie until recently. As we are vintage trailer fans it was fun.

  3. Mom says:

    Do you think I can substitute pork sausage for the ground pork in the Swedish Meatball recipe?

  4. Jeanne says:

    Your pictures are really great, but I’m glad we don’t have that snow! We’ve only had rain – about two inches. The temp outside is about 53 degrees right now, at 12:30 p.m.
    My son and daughter-in-law, also my sister, who live in the Portland area, have ice and snow and more of the same! My sister had a power outage, so she’s at her daughter’s. My son and his wife have power. He sent me pictures of his car and things in their yard. What a mess!
    I hope your snow melts soon. Thanks for the pictures.

    Your food sounds delicious!

  5. FullyFleeced says:

    never heard of Croque Monsieur/Madame before- they sound really good! also the turkish coffee- love cardamom. so glad to be past the snow now.

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