Pork Creole and Honey Cardamon Cookies

We chose this recipe for dinner tonight using our pork chops.  Here it is all cooked up.

And here it is on my plate with brown rice I cooked from scratch (not microwavable).  It was really good.  Not very spicy, but you can add pepper sauce to get the heat you want.  This is a nice winter time meal and use of our pork chops.  

I also wanted to make some cookies for Tom.  Unfortunately for most of the recipes I have saved, I was lacking one or more ingredients.  But I found this recipe I had saved for which I had the ingredients so made these cookies.  There are meant for Groundhog’s Day so I was a little late.  I made them pressed rather than cut, and I think they are thicker than the recipe was designed for.  So they took longer to cook.  

They are good.  I didn’t want to make chocolate cookies as we have had a lot of chocolate recently so this was a nice flavor change.  

And some obligatory cute Ryeleigh photos.  

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