Trip to Seattle

I had an appointment with the pulmonologist in Seattle today. So decided to make a trip of it.  I ran out of time before the appointment to do anything as I still had animal, bee and garden chores to do beforehand.  But after the appointment (after I had my battery jumpstarted in the Swedish parking lot because I left my lights on) I headed to Pho Bac for a to-go dinner.  I learned about them from the historic Seattle eating zoom I participated in and so was excited to try their Pho.  I am assuming that this is the original restaurant from 1982,


and that this is the updated version.


I then headed north.  Traffic was horrendous but particularly southbound in the afternoon which is weird.  It was back up for many miles.  I am assuming there was a crash or something.  I was in the Express lanes so did well.


I did stop by my grandmother’s grave.  I placed some of what our family calls 2711 lilacs for her.  She would have been 100 years old now.


I got the Pho makings home, and we cooked them up on our stove.  Here is Tom stirring it.


Since I was in the big city I did stop by a liquor store en route home and found some Cherry Heering.  It is called for in several cocktail recipes I want to try, but I cannot find it locally.  So this was a score.


So I had ordered two different Phos, a chicken and a beef. Here is the chicken one,


and here is the beef.


It was awfully hot temperature-wise but otherwise incredibly good.  I would definitely recommend you get this if you are ever in the International District of Seattle.

P.S.  Here is what it is like to wake up to Ryeleigh in the morning.


I got lots of hugs and kisses (licks) at thsi point.  It is a great way to start your day.

P.P.S.  I got an all clear from the pulmonologist. There is no evidence of any lung disease so the assumption is at this point all of my current symptoms are related to reactive arthritis and adrenal insufficiency.

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4 Responses to Trip to Seattle

  1. Jeanne says:

    That was some trip to Seattle you had to make!! How many miles is it from your farm? I’m glad you got a good report from the pulmonologist! But I’m sorry you still have to face the reactive arthritis and adrenal insufficiency. I assume there is not much help for either of those.

    The Ryeleigh video is really sweet! It’s totally different from what Rico does! Marlys has him trained to remain sitting on the bed until she gets to the front door. Then she calls him, and he comes flying out as fast as he can go! He’s ready to go outside with her and do his business! He has to stay on a leash, since our yard isn’t completely fenced. But he’s very good about it, unless the neighbor’s dogs are out. He’s such a character! When he comes in, he wants his breakfast –

    • Donna says:

      It is about 80 miles. It is a good report but still facing the other issues. There is a lot that can be done though so I am hopeful. I just wanted a diagnosis so think I am there at least. Now it is adjusting the treatment.
      Rico sounds quite different than Ryeleigh, but what a character!

  2. A successful day of hunter gathering, and a cute little puppy waiting for you!

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