Magpie 2003 – 2021

Magpie was born as one of triplets to our doe Dot and our buck Cody (two of my all time favorite goats).  Here she is,

Magpie 505

and with her brother Otis.

Otis and Magpie 505

I had forgotten that we had sold her to a family in Anacortes, and they returned her to us 1 year later due to their health issues.  Here she is after her return to us.

Magpie 505

magpieside 306

We bred her to our Mr. Mahogany and in 2006 she kidded with Peregrine and Chickadee.

magpies peregrine 306magpies chickadee 306

We bred the two again, and in 2007 she had Merlin and Meadowlark (who we still have).

magpiekids merlin & meadowlark 207

Here is a nice three generation photo with Merlin, Meadowlark and Dot.

merlinemagpiedot 507

With the same breeding she produced Batman and Robin in 2008.

Magpie's kids BATMAN & ROBIN 308

Here is a photo of her and Patches trying to bust into the hay mount.

thwartedmagpieandpatches 1008

With the same breeding yet again she produced triplets in 2009.

magpiemearth 409

They were Mearth, Mork and Mindy.

Mearth 409Mork 409Mindy 409magpieface 209magpie 209

Unfortunately in October 2009 Cody (her father) busted in and bred Magpie, so in 2010 she had triplets Phoebe, Dove and Sparrow from this incident.

magpiekids Phoebe, Dove, Sparrow 310Magpie PG 411

Then she was bred to our buck Dean, and in 2011 had two bucklings, Flight Time and Big Easy.

magpie nursing flighttime 411magpie and kids FLIGHT TIME AND BIG EASY 411

She was then bred to our buck Bumble and had Moglee and Mavis (who we still have).

Moglee 312Mavis 312

Here are nice photos of Magpie and Mavis from 2012 and then 2014.

IMmagpie and mavis 612Magpie and Mavis 914

She then was able to retire. We spoiled her as best we could with wetted alfalfa pellets, grain and some bread.  She initially enjoyed hanging out on the spool in the barn,

saphie and magpie 418

and alter in the farm cart.

Magpie in cart 920

Her age was obvious, and she was getting quite thin.  I did not think she would make it through this last winter, but she did.  Just yesterday she was acting like herself and ate her fair share of the bread.  But we found her dead in the barn this morning.  Rest in Peace sweet Magpie.  You will be missed.

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12 Responses to Magpie 2003 – 2021

  1. kapperkay says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry your sweet Magpie is gone. She was certainly a beauty! But what a life you’ve given her💞 I’m sure she’ll be kicking up her heels at the Rainbow Bridge😊


  2. ❤ they steal your heart. RIP Magpie and condolences to those she left behind

  3. Michelle says:

    What a long and productive lie she had with you! She was a beauty. What a blessing that she went quickly on her own and you didn’t have to make the call.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Michelle. I have been fretting about having to make the call. I hope she went peacefully. It looked like she did. She was a beautiful and friendly goat. Donna

  4. So sorry you lost Magpie. What a beautiful family here!

  5. Jeanne says:

    Your sweet Magpie must have been a wonderful friend, as well as farm animal. She was so beautiful! I agree with Michelle, that it was a real blessing that she passed on her own, without your having to step in. It’s so difficult when we have to make that call to end a dear animal’s life. We’ve had to do that way too often, with our dogs. Magpie surely gave you a lot of beautiful babies. I’m glad you still have some of them!

    • Donna says:

      Here is my reply that never posted: “She was a friend and I miss her. She reminded me a lot of her mother Dot, my first Nigerian goat. Unfortunately the two daughters I kept are not friendly at all. “

  6. Denise says:

    rest in peace, little Magpie. what a great life she had- long and productive. so many beautiful babies! so sorry for your loss, Donna.

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