My Sunday

I slept in a little this morning and then did the animal chores.  Tom unloaded a lot of feed into our new and improved feed shed.  I scooped the dirty shaving out of the chicks’ pen and moved them to the garden, replacing them with new shavings.  Then we had lunch, and I started making Cream Cakes, which I learned about from my participation in Fort Nisqually Living History Museum’s Fort from Home Victorian Cooking program.  Here is the dough about to go in the oven.


While I was doing this we were also watching the Blues Music Awards which were virtual this year.  Big Lou hosted the event.


We got to see some of our favorite artists including Southern Avenue.


While the cakes were cooking, I prepared the custard filling.


Here are the cakes out of the oven.


And Christone “Kingfish” Ingram played.


The custard was ready.


And I stuffed the cakes.  To half of the custard I added lemon extract.


Tom said they were eggy, but he liked them.  I took a bite out of each kind and liked it.  What Tom doesn’t eat will go to the pigs.  Guessing they will like them as well.

I finished the awards where a lot of my favorite artists won.  And then watched the Mariners win and then some rugby.  I mended garments with this and got quite a few garments fixed it so that is nice.  Now we are having pizza and listening to All Blues on KNKX.  We plan on taking it easy this evening,  So that is my Sunday.  How was yours?

P.S. They did have a listing of all of the blues musicians who died in the last year.  One of many important musicians was Scrap Iron.  Here is a photo of him and me from 2019.  RIP Scrap!img_5542

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2 Responses to My Sunday

  1. Jeanne says:

    Those cream cakes look really good! I went to the web site, but wasn’t able to find the recipe. Could you post it, or send it to my email? I’d like to see if we could make it.

    Your Sunday sounds like you really enjoyed it. I’m happy for you!

    I’m sorry for the loss of the blues musician, Scrap Iron. I really liked the picture of you with him.

    • Donna says:

      I will email you the recipe. They didn’t post it for some reason. I did enjoy my Sunday. And I was really happy in that photo with Scrap Iron. He was quite a character!

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