Tribute to a Feed Shed

It is one of our 19 buildings: house, garage, garage extension, tin shed, pump house, motorcycle container, garden shed, hot house, green house, trailer, 2 pig shelters, donkey shelter, barn, 2 animal shelters in fields, hay barn, produce stand, and feed shed.  But it does not get much appreciation, until now.

front of feed shed_2corner of feed shed

As I mentioned earlier, Tom fixed the rodent access points, put in new shelving and reorganized the larger tools.  Here is the front portion of the shed now.

front of feed shed

Yesterday I vacuumed it and reorganized the feed cans.

back of feed shed

Here is the north side of the shed (sorry the flash didn’t go off),

north wall of feed shed

and the south side.

south wall of feed shed

I know it doesn’t look that organized but compared it to the photos from my last post about the feed shed 8 years ago, and you will see we have made tremendous progress.

In sad news, one of our hens was killed by the bald eagles yesterday.  Here is likely where it happened,

more hen feathers

and here is where she was plucked.

hen feathers

We are still encouraging the chickens to stay in the barn by putting their food and water in there, but they still seem to like to explore.  This happened really close to the barn so I am not sure there is much else we can do except that we may need to lock them inside.  I would rather not do that so we are waiting to see if there are more deaths or not.  But since there is a nest in our back forty, more eagles are on the way.  It is not looking good for our chickens.

In more positive news, the cows were moved to the near front field, and they seem to be enjoying it,

cows on grass

and I liked this rooster (Dirty White Boy) in silhouette.

rooster silhouette

Happy Sunday everyone!

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2 Responses to Tribute to a Feed Shed

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m very sorry about your hen that was killed by the eagle! I hope it won’t happen again. It’s rather creepy, to look at the scenes of the “crime.” Poor girl! It must have been awful for her!

    I looked at the old pictures of your feed shed. There is quite a big improvement now! That’s good!!

    I’m looking forward to your next blog!


    • Donna says:

      I feel badly for her. I can only hope that she went quickly. I am glad you can appreciate the improvements me have made on the shed. It should make life on the farm a little easier.

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