Peewee 2009-2021

Penelope was born as the runt of triplets on April 12, 2009 to Shadow Mountain Calypso (Cally) and Ravencrest Luck of the Draw (Cody).  Her siblings, Zeus and Athena, were much larger.

peewee just born 0409

Peewee just born April 2009

She was only 1# at birth.  So she was not able to compete for the udder and got chilled.  So she quickly was brought into the house to be warmed and bottle fed.

penelope 0409

Peewee brought into house April 2009

Being a house goat she need a diaper.

peeweediaper 0309

Peewee in diaper April 2009

She also quickly got the nickname Peewee which has stuck ever since.

tompeewee 0409

Tom and Peewee April 2009


Peewee in bowl April 2009

peeweetomfeeding 0409

Tom feeding Peewee April 2009

Somewhat fortunately for her, Shortcake was born on April 3, one of quadruplets.  By April 23rd there was not enough milk for all four of them from our goat Saphy (who we still have), so she was brought into the house and bottle fed as well.  They have been friends ever since.

peewee shorty goats stove 0409

Shorty and Peewee by pellet stove April 2009

Peewee grew up but remained a small goat.

penelope 0609

Peewee June 2009

peewee 1109

Peewee November 2009

peeweesnewlook 0410

Peewee ‘s new look April 2010

tom and peewee 0212

Peewee and Tom February 2012

In October 2011, one of our bucks Bumble busted through the fence and exposed Peewee and Shorty.  Then in March Peewee had triplets (Shorty did not get pregnant).

Peewee and Circe 0312

Peewee and Circe March 2012

She had Helen, Ulysses and Circe and was a great mother to them.

Peewee and kids2 0312 Helen Ulysses and Circe

Peewee and kids Helen Ulysses and Circe, March 2012

Helen 0312

Helen March 2012

circe 0412

Circe April 2012

Ulysses 0312

Ulysses March 2012

In October 2012 we purposely put Bumble in with Peewee and Shorty. In March 2013 Peewee had twins, Al and Pacino.  Shorty had twins as well, Velma and Scoobie.

Peewees two kids 0313

Peewee ‘s two kids March 2013

Al and Pacino 0413

Al and Pacino April 2013

We stopped breeding so they just hung out after that.

Peewee and chick 1214

Peewee and chick December 2014

Unfortunately Peewee injured herself in our back forty in 2015 and dislocated her shoulder.  The vet was able to relocate it under general anesthesia, and she was in splint after that.

Peewees shoulder 0915

Peewee’s relocated shoulder September 2015

She recovered nicely.  But in 2017 I noticed she was  little thin so she was moved in with the skinny/older goats for extra nutrition.

proud Peewee 0916

proud Peewee September 2016

Meadowlark Dean Peewee and Shorty0218

Meadowlark Dean Peewee and Shorty in snow February 2018

Peewee on spool 0418

Peewee on spool April 2018

peewee and chickens 1218

Peewee and chickens December 2018

Peewee with apple 1019

Peewee with apple October 2019

William and Peewee 0220

William and Peewee February 2020

Last summer I noticed that she was very thin.  I especially tried to make sure she ate as much as possible and fed her bread every day by hand.  This is the last photo of Shorty and Peewee from December.

Old Shorty and Peewee 1220

Old Shorty and Peewee December 2020

Yesterday she seemed to be at her baseline.  She fed well and when I did a barn check at bedtime last night she seemed OK.  I was more worried about Jet, an old skinny ewe.  But this morning I found her caught in the winch apparatus for our shearing stand.  I have not idea why she did that.  Maybe she was confused from the heat.  Regardless she is dead, and I am sad.  Rest in Peace lil Peewee.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh Donna, I’m so sorry for the loss of your Peewee! She was so beautiful and I can understand your love for her. She was so beautiful! When I saw the picture of her and William, I got a good idea of just how small she was! So special! Wish I could have known her.

  2. Denise says:

    so sorry about PeeWee. she was such a pretty, sweet little goat. What a miserable day. 🙁

  3. Michelle says:

    What a little darling; so sad to lose her. 😢

  4. Jackie craw says:

    So sorry to hear about Pee-wee. I remember the post way back when she was born. You gave her a good home!

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