Winthrop Rhythm and Blues 2022

We headed to this festival for the first time in three years. Other than that we have attended since 2004.  We love this event.



We could see the fire damage in the area for the first time since we were caught in it last July.

Although we were in line at 7:30 AM, there were plenty of people  for camping ahead of us, apparently starting at midnight.

Here are the vehicles behind us.

And more and more kept coming.

We picked our spot with the help of Tom’s kids and set up.  One of the first items to unpack was the musical instrument table.  The grandkids seemed to love it.


Tom’s son Thomas and grandkid William also enjoyed bicycling around the camp.

Tom brought Luther, his Honda Trail 90, and enjoyed riding around camp as well with William.


Our friends Tom and Pam and my father and his friend Mo joined us as well.  It was quite a camp.

I had forgotten about aspects of the outhouses.  To me, the handle looks like a Beluga whale face.  Am I wrong?


The mosquitos were relatively bad this year (although we have seen worse).  You can see them in the lights.

This was an interesting mistake.

And here is the moon rising.



We went to Three Fingered Jack’s as is our tradition.  They didn’t have a table to 11 immediately available so some of us went into the bar area first.  We ran into our old buddies Murray and Sue there like we have in years past.  It was so much fun.

Then we got our table and ate a late lunch,  It was a great time.

We then hit up Winthrop for some shopping.  Granddaughter Piper enjoyed trying on some hats, although in general she is not a fan of them.

William selected a great hat.  They had to add some padding to get it to fit better.

While we were gone, the camping filled out more.

We set up outside of the beer garden to listen to the acts.

Here is an early shirt.



Here is the moon just after midnight.

First was the incredible Hector Anchondo.

Then there were technical difficulties.

Then came up one of our favorite bands, Junkyard Jane.

Between acts we hit up the river.  It was quite hot, but the river was cold and quite nice.

Next up was amazing saxophonist Vanessa Collier with a favorite Ben Rice playing guitar.

My wonderful grandson bought me this lovely bracelet.

Next was Mr. Sipp.  They were fun.

The grandkids loved wrestling with their father Russ.

Then came Dumpstaphunk.  I had a great time dancing to their funky music.

We visited the big rig area which is where my father was camped.  We noticed these cool lit flowers.

Then we got ready for JJ Grey & Mofro.



It was a slow start to the day as we were all tired.

There were again technical difficulties.  Apparently there were power surges in the area causing the problems.

Finally we got to enjoy the amazing guitar work of Zach Person.

Then came Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble who were amazing.

Heading back to camp for some food.

Then we got ready for the legend, Charlie Musselwhite.

Unfortunately the winds kicked up, and he had to shorten his performance.  They had to literally tear the roof off of the stage.


Then with the help of my father and stepson, they took the tarps from the sound stages.

Too Slim and the Taildraggers had to play in the beer garden which was sad for my grandson, not being able to see one of his favorites.  But we were able to enjoy them.


Then it was back to camp to hang out one last evening.



We drove home after a night of wind and thunder.  We did get to enjoy the incredible performance of Julio Rodriguez in the home run derby.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That was quite the time you had!
    I’m not sure where Winthrop is.
    I’m glad you removed it

    • Donna says:

      It was quite a time Jeanne! Winthrop is a small town on the other side of the North Cascades from us. It is a really nice area.

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