Snowy Farm

We got 9 inches of snow overnight.  Initially Ryeleigh was not sure about it.  It has almost been a year since she has seen snow, and I guess she forgot about it.

It was still snowing hard while we were doing the chores.  It was hard walking in the stuff.


I still am impressed by the insulating qualities of the animals’ coats.

The pigs even didn’t seem to mind.  They were rooting around in the snow.

Ryeleigh ran around in the snow all morning and into the afternoon.  When she finally came in she was shivering and wouldn’t bear weigh on one of her legs.

I warmed up a towel in the dryer and covered her with it.

After more than 2 hours later, she was raring to go.

I was cooking all afternoon listening to Christmas music.  It was Victorian era Christmas food.  A good activity for a snowy day, I think.  The sun came out during a great song, thanks to a CD from my cousin.

So that is our snowy farm. It is supposed to get quite cold tonight, down to 11 degrees.  I hope the animals do all right.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Your snowy pictures are very pretty! I’m glad Ryeleigh got going and played in it! One of our Schnauzers loved to “snoplow” in the snow, putting her nose into it and running around that way. So funny!

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