Another Great Culinary Escapade

We have had an eventful last few days.  We traveled to my mother’s and stepdad’s house for Thanksgiving, joined by my brother and Sue.  We took Ryeleigh for a walk on a nearby trail.

But then she sacked out on their nice couch.

Here is the table getting ready for dinner.  Mother cooked everything.  My only contributions were to bring some wine (I purchased some from Pasek Cellars) and chop some celery.

Al took photos of us around the dinner table.  The first one he sent me was mysteriously missing the table, background and (most worrisome) my mother.

Thankfully the next one looked more normal.

We had a wonderful meal, watched the Seahawks lose, and had pumpkin pie at halftime.  It was all perfect (except the Seahawks).

On Black Friday we smartly stayed home.  Our beagle has started digging under fences onto the neighbors’ properties and our back forty.  This is not good as we have a scary road that has killed several of our pets.  Tom worked on clearing the foliage and fixing the defects.

Then he started reinforcing this line of fencing with some panels we had here.  There is more work to be done.

For Friday dinner I decided to continue the poultry theme, and I made Maryland Fried Chicken.  This is when Tom said the title of this post.  I thought it was funny.  This came up with the recent sale of a Titanic menu.  It prompted a conversation about this being included on the lunch menu the day it sunk.

It seemed odd to me that this seemingly rustic dish would be served in first-class.  I found this recipe and prepared it with one of our 4# chickens.  Here is the chicken after disjointing, seasoning, dredging, chilling, and frying.

At this point I was supposed to add Old Bay seasoning.  I didn’t have any, and the chicken recipe wasn’t very specific about making a substitute.  So I found this recipe and made some.

Here is my Friday night dinner.  The gravy didn’t thicken up well (likely because I didn’t measure the oil).  But was flavorful as was the chicken.  It was really, really good!

We had leftover chicken tonight for dinner, and it was still good.  I was worried it would be soggy.

The other news today is that a dog showed up at our gate this afternoon.  I hope it is all right.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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Thanksgiving Morning

We have had some spectacular sunrises recently.  This is from Monday.

These photos are from Tuesday morning.

This morning’s sunrise was not as colorful but was spectacular in a different way.

Then the fog started coming in.

I could actually see the fog particles in the sunshine (which I haven’t seen before).

We are going to have a relaxing day with family, feasting and football watching.  I have a lot to be thankful for.  I hope you do as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


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Grandson Visit

William came over with his new-to-him motorcycle that he got for his birthday to have Tom show him how to fix it up.

His parents brought the bike down Saturday morning with his sister Piper.  She enjoyed checking out the animals.

Then she got tired, they went home, and the motorcycle work began.  We also got William’s bed set up in the dining room with Pea (and the Huskies game on).

Of course we learned that parts were needed.  So the repairs that could be done were, but now they have to wait for parts to arrive.  But the bike is ridable so this morning we all went out to the back 40 (actually 4) acres.  Tom was on his quad, William was on his bike, Steve was on his own, and I had Ryeleigh on a leash.

This was the view of the farm buildings from out back.

We brought William and his bike back home this evening.  He had a fun time, and we did as well.

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