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Sick again….

So I became sick again with a cold and bad cough on Friday before our 3 day weekend off of work when we were supposed to visit with my grandparents.  As I did not want to make them sick we … Continue reading

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More HST lamb photos (Sorry I can’t resist!)

Katarina photos:Josefina photos:Josefina isn’t quite HST (head, sock, tail) because her tail isn’t white.  I would consider them both smirslet, flecket, sokket (in Shetland lingo).  What do you guys think?

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Lambing season appears to end with a bang! And getting kids ready for their new homes.

At 3:30 this morning I did my barn check and found Wilma in labor.  Her water had broke and she was pushing hard.  Partly because of my recent bad experiences I went ahead and helped pull the lamb out.  A moorit (brown) ram lamb … Continue reading

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