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Weaning lambs

Today I had a helpful visitor- Corinne wanted to visit and learn about sheep farming.  So she came today and helped me trim the bucks hooves and worm them, then kick them out of their pen and clean out the … Continue reading

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Goats! (a farm post)

Today was goat day- I trimmed all the goats hooves and wormed them.  It wasn’t as hard as it usually is.  I am starting to learn to outsmart the goats.  I used food to get them into a pen with the shearing stand.  I enticed the friendly … Continue reading

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Fifth Anniversary Trip- (Warning- not a farm post!)

This is a post about our fifth wedding anniversary trip- I was trying to find something we could do that would be unique and a little romantic but could be accomplished near our home as I had to work until 8:00 AM … Continue reading

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