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Garden Produce for the Animals

Increasingly I am using our garden’s produce to feed the animals.  We had tried to sell produce at farmers markets and in our farm stand with very limited success.  Eggs are the only thing that sells well in our stand. … Continue reading

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Farm, Historic Cooking and Grandkids

As for farming, the tragedies are over, for the moment.   These are the hayloft chicks that I had moved out of the pen the other day.  They seem to be doing OK. This is the peahen who lost her … Continue reading

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A White Peachick and an Old Grey Sheep

both have died on either end of the life spectrum when life is vulnerable. Here is our little white peachick from August 25, August 29, and September 8. Two days ago, I had moved the hay loft chicks out of … Continue reading

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