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A chance to work on the garden

I finally had a day off (after working all weekend) to work on the horribly overgrown and neglected garden.  With our prolonged cool and wet spring the weeds had totally overtaken the struggling corn and bean plants.  The cucumbers and sunflowers never made it, and the squash are … Continue reading

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Black Sheep Gathering

So we took off Thursday after work to go to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene.  I took this picture of the trumpeter swan who has been hanging out with the silage bales across the street for the last 2 weeks when … Continue reading

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Yet another wet dreary day…

Today was dark and rainy all day.  I had to put out the tomatoes and squash since I won’t have another time to do it, and it’s June!  I put plastic over them and the poor corn sprigs that are barely hanging on- I hope … Continue reading

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