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Back In The Barnyard Again

My stitches are out and my splint is removed.  So I went with Tom to do the animal chores for the first time in 12 days today.  It was painful with my broken toe and crushed finger but no harm … Continue reading

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Our beloved Shetland ewe Mona died today.  She was born in April 2005, the daughter of Monette and granddaughter of Babette, my all time favorite sheep.  Here she is at 2 months of age. Here she is in 2007. In 2006 … Continue reading

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Finger Update

So it had been more than one week since I smashed my finger up.  It turns out I do not have a fracture, just arthritis on my x-ray.  But I still have a smashed finger.  I am in the splint … Continue reading

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