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The End of February

It is an interesting time of year. It is winter, and it mostly feels like winter. But there are hints that spring is coming. There have been croci and snowdrops blooming. The other evening I heard the frogs croaking. There … Continue reading

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The Puppy Routine Continues

The Spicy Garlicky Cashew Chicken was great. I even ate a wing which is usually unheardof in our farm raised relatively tough chickens ( since they live a much longer life and get more exercise than factory chickens). I even … Continue reading

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10 Year Surgiversary

It was 10 year ago today that I had my bilateral open breast biopsies (or lumpectomies).  It was probably the most emotional day of my life.  I was scared, anxious and humiliated.  I remember getting the needles to locate the … Continue reading

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