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Goat hoof trimming

Today was goat hoof trimming day.  I trim their hooves every 6 weeks.  I alternate wormers every 6 weeks between ivermectin and albendazole (except I do not use albendazole on the pregnant goats).  I also give Multi-Min every 12 weeks. … Continue reading

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Splitting wood (belatedly)

So I finally found time (and no excuses) to split the wood from the tree felling day.  This should have been done before the rains came- oh well.  Tom was at work today (yeah- he’s no longer laid off!) so I went … Continue reading

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Shetland wool for sale

I just came to realize that I have wool available for sale.  I am not used to having fall shearing and then wool available this time of year.  So here goes: This above is the roving from our musket and moorit Shetland sheep- Daphnie, Lou, Hansel and Lily. … Continue reading

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