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Lambing is finally over with new life and death yet again

(Warning dead animal photo below) So lambing is finally done, and tonight we will get to sleep 8 hours for the first time in over one month.  Sheila, our shaela older ewe, delivered her final set of lambs at 1 AM.  She … Continue reading

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More animal troubles here at Schoonover farm

So we made it through the night and the surviving ewe lambs are doing well- nursing off their mother.  Tom had checked on Shortcake, the smallest of Saphie’s quads, with the early morning barn check, and he said she was up and around, doing well.  I had been … Continue reading

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Lambing sucks! (sometimes)

So yesterday I noticed that Jenny, our katmoget ewe who tried to die 1.5 months ago, was acting oddly.  She as hanging out on the far fence line and not coming in for grain.  Her uterus seemed to have dropped, and her udder seemed … Continue reading

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