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This morning I finally got a photo of Cassidy in the beagle’s kennel on the back porch.  She likes to hang out in there but leaves whenever I try to get a picture.  Ryeleigh doesn’t use it anymore so it … Continue reading

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Flax Processing, Sick Dogs, and Ham

So the dogs did not make a miraculous recovery, and we didn’t go to our Boles Aero trailer.  I did the chores while Tom weed whacked and mowed.  I did get a chance to admire the flowering crabapple trees.  They … Continue reading

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Signs that Spring is Finally Here!

The swallows are back! The grass is starting to grow! I was able to take the insulation off of the bee hive, and the fruit trees are blooming! And the magnolia is in bloom! Unfortunately our dogs are sick, and … Continue reading

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