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2711 Lilac

So this lilac originally came from the house my grandfather grew up in at 2711 West Chestnut in Yakima.  A cutting was taken from it, and it grew at my grandparents house and then a cutting from that was brought … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the last day I took Tamoxifen

I have been taking it daily for the last 5 years after my diagnoses of breast lobular carcinoma in situ and atypical ductal hyperplasia.  For the background you can go to The Prevention of Breast Cancer and It’s a Beautiful Day It took a bit … Continue reading

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Butchering Chickens

Warning- some people may not wish to see this post. So yesterday we butchered the 5 roosters.  Tom chopped their heads off, which he does not enjoy doing.  It was interesting that immediately after he did this, the vultures started … Continue reading

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