Our Trip to Portland for a Mini Reunion

As I suggested, we took the train to Portland. This is so I could attend a gathering of people that I did my pediatric residency with. Most I haven’t seen in 28 years.

We stayed at McMenamins Kennedy School. We started with dinner at their Courtyard restaurant.

Then we went to the Boiler Room with complex pipe work and the original boiler door.

Then we went to the Honors Bar. Later with enjoyed the soaking pool.

We had the Don Johnson room at the school. It was classroom #8. The original coat hooks and chalkboards are still there. Here is the information about Mr. Johnson.

There was a lot of interesting art work there, as always at McMenamins. Here is an example:

There is also amazing tile work in the hallways and plants in the skylights.

Thursday morning we braved the rain and dilapidated buildings and walked to a French restaurant. Our breakfasts were amazing, and we got some treats for later too.

We returned to the school and got a brief tour of the brewery.

In the afternoon I did some knitting while Tom enjoyed the soaking pool more.

We then went to the Cypress Room. There we enjoyed the surroundings and two Birds Aren’t Real cocktails.

We then went to the Theater Bar. We did not have time for the free movie though.

We checked out their vegetable gardens,

And then headed to a Cuban restaurant named Cubo where we met up with 6 fellow pediatricians from my residency training and some of their family members.

It was so nice seeing these wonderful people again and remembering old stories, both good and bad.

I did notice that Ryeleigh looked like she might be missing us from videos on the security camera that evening.

This morning we enjoyed the soaking pool one more time. We had our final cocktails at the Zeus Cafe this afternoon and are waiting for the train to head home. It was a quick but eventful journey. I am glad we went, but looking forward to seeing the critters again, particularly the pups.

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The Last Two Days-Rural and Urban

Yesterday I started off with doing the animal chores. I thought the sheep looked picturesque with all of the green.

Then I drove to Seattle to meet with a new endocrinologist to discuss my adrenal insufficiency. That went really well, and for the first time I feel I have excellent help managing this dreadful condition. Here is the view from my parking space.

Since I was in the big city, I thought I would take advantage of its culinary offerings that are not available in Skagit county. So I headed to the Jerk Shack to pick up some dinner.

I then headed to my grandma’s grave site. I took Aurora most of the way, and among other thing, I saw some really obvious prostitutes. It has been awhile since I have seen any. I placed some 2711 lilacs on my grandmother’s grave. I think they look nice.

I then drove home, and we had really spicy smoked ribs for dinner

This morning I picked up our chicks from the post office. Here they are getting settled.

One chick ran away from the crowd and terrified the turkey poults.

Then we packed up our stuff and headed here:

We are at Union Station about to catch a train. More later.

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Farm News

A couple of days ago Tom noticed a bald eagle flying low over the front area of the barn and then suddenly held up.  So he thought that our colored strings in this area had deterred it.  He went out at the time, and there was no dead chickens.  But yesterday I found three piles of red feathers.  So the eagle had killed one of our chickens.  The strings are not enough.  So this is sad.

For good news, the turkeys are growing quickly.  We have never had midget ones before, but they do not seem to be growing more slowly so far.

And yesterday I checked the bee hive.  I did it somewhat quickly because my smoker was not working well.  But there are plenty of larvae in the upper levels of the hive so that is a good sign.

In other bad news, our farm truck would not start when Tom was supposed to use it to help his son out yesterday.  It appears to be an electrical problem that Tom could not fix.  So he called Triple A and rather quickly a tow truck arrived.

It is a sad farm day when the farm truck is towed away.  Hopefully it will be a quick (and cheap) fix.

In nicer news, the 2711 Lilac and Chain of Gold trees are blooming.

In an attempt to dissuade the eagles, we hooked up a radio in the barn.  On a raising heritage turkeys class recording that I finally got around to watching, he mentioned this for daytime predators. I am thinking he meant 4 legged ones like raccoons, but I figured it was worth trying.  I have recently salvaged this radio from the hay loft so it was available to try.  I did moved it back under cover better today with the forecast rain.

In more sad news, my tomato starts are pathetic.  I started them in March on heating pads in the house, and this is as far as they have gotten.  I blame the potting soil that we bought as the other starts in the same soil are not doing well either.

As this afternoon was a rainy mess, I concentrated on indoor activities.  I cleaned the insides of the windows (hoping eventually to clean the outside) and did lots of laundry.  But I am also digitally recording old albums that Tom has picked up from thrift stores.  It is fun listening to these old and sometimes obscure songs.

And I used the last of the venison to make Moussaka.  This is inspired by a show we watched last night.  This recipe is similar to what he cooked.  I had made moussaka before with goat meat, but as Tom will not eat goat meat nor eggplant he didn’t have any.  This time I was a little smarter.  I mixed our pork sausage with the venison that I ground up so it wasn’t as gamey.  Plus I made one with potatoes and one with eggplant so we could both be happy.  And it is amazingly good.  Score!

So that is the news (good and bad) from Schoonover Farm.

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