Pictorial Ode for a Turkey

Our male white midget turkey was found dead by my husband today. He is not sure of the cause but suspects that the geese may have killed him. They get aggressive in mating season but hadn’t killed anything before that I remember. This is so sad. I hadn’t named him yet but he was such a nice bird. I will miss him. I am hoping the eggs will continue his lineage.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Cooking and Old House Photos

I had to work St. Patrick’s Day.  So once again I improvised with making Soda Bread and Shepherd’s Pie beforehand.  The soda bread is interesting.  I think the buttermilk makes it less dry and crumbly than other soda breads I have had. And the caraway seeds really gave it a nice flavor, although Tom didn’t like it.  I thought it was great though.  The zoom class about the history of it and making it is on Thursday so you can join for free.

I thought I took a photo of the Shepherd’s Pie but guess I forgot.  It only looked like baked mashed potatoes in a casserole dish as you couldn’t see the filling.  I used hamburger instead of lamb (because of Tom).  But it was quite good.  I took portions of the bread and pie to work to try to be festive.  I have also done other Irish cooking on this day in past years:  2022, 20212020, 2018, 20172016, 2015, & 2013.   Prior to that, I am certain I did other similar cooking but didn’t blog about food then, just the farm.

In other, completely unrelated news, I was emailed some shutterfly memories yesterday, and it included this one photo dated March 2011.

It is a photo of Thomas’s upstairs bedroom during our house renovation in 2002.  So then I started digging around for photos of that date and found quite a few home reconstruction photos I had forgotten I had. These photos are from 2002-2003 so not sure why the date is wrong but happy to have found them.  (A few of them I have posted before, but most are new.)

Exterior photos:

Interior photos:

Yard photos:

It is fascinating seeing these old photos.  We have come a long way!

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Sunny March Farm Day

It was a nice day today. When I started animal chores with feeding our old donkey Olivia, I noticed a couple of eagles in a cottonwood tree.  I was just commenting yesterday I hadn’t seen them in a while, but now they are back.

I have been admiring some of the wool my sheep are making.  The sunshine helps the mioget wool look especially pretty.

The setting turkey hen got off of her nest for a moment, and I was able to count her eggs.  I got thirteen.  Hopefully they will hatch.

We ran out of our hay.  We then had purchased some of the hay from our farmers co-op.  It was really nice hay but $20 per bale.  So Tom found some organic hay for sale on Camano Island for $10 per bale and brought 20 bales home.  It smells good but looks like straw.

The animals like it.  Fortunately there is some grass growth to supplement their nutrition.  Plus almost all of the animals are getting supplemental feed with alfalfa pellets, senior equine feed and/or livestock grain.  The only exception is Marty, our overweight donkey.

After finishing the animal and garden chores, I headed out to the orchard to check on the bees.  On the way I noticed bald eagles scoring overhead.

I counted 20 of them.  It is odd to have this many together flying.

The bees appear to be doing well.  They are packing a lot of pollen on their legs.

I always enjoy watching them walk into the hive with their pollen.

One thing I rarely write about is my fish tanks.  They are in my dining room, and I love them.  Watching fish is very calming for me for some reason.  Here are my gold fish in their tank.

And here is my 55 gallon tropical community tank.  I love it when the sunshine comes in through the window.  It really enhances their colors.

So that was my sunny day.  Then it was cleaning the house, taking a bath, and making dinner.  I hope you had a good one too.

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