Weaving and the Olympics, Week 1

I like to weave during the Olympics.  It is a nice activity to do to feel productive but still be able to pay attention to the sports.  I love the Olympics, seeing what the human body can accomplish and what sports the human mind can invent.  I had intended to have the warp on the loom before the Olympics started, but that did not happen for a variety of reason.  I was hoping to get the warp on the first weekend but the hay interfered with that.  And then there was work.  So for the first half of week one I just watched the Olympics when I could without weaving.  There was softball,


table tennis,








road cycling,


equestrian (where I got the warping board set up, but it had been so long I set it up in the wrong direction),


and rugby (where I am starting to get the warp on the board),


Ryeleigh was spayed and microchipped on Tuesday.  We got her back Wednesday, and she was a little slow that day.  We are supposed to keep her contained and on leash outside for a week.  Since Wednesday though, she appears to feel fine so this has been a challenge.  But I have been taking the afternoon duty, hanging out with the beagle in the air-conditioned home, watching the Olympics.


There was basketball,


and diving.


The other activity is trying to use our farm’s bounty.  I made Swiss Chard and Sausage Frittata


and Raspberry Buttermilk Pie.  It cracked on cooling so not as pretty as it could be but still tasty.


I also started sauerkraut (for the first time)


and made some cauliflower rice for more pizza crusts.  This time I used a small press to squeeze the liquid from the cauliflower.  It worked well.


There was exciting gymnastics (Suni Lee on the uneven bars on her way to win gold in the women’s individual all-around gymnastics).


With the leftover buttermilk, I made biscuits for Tom with a recipe from A Taste of History Cookbook.


We finished watching Suni Lee on her floor routine to win the gold while eating dinner (biscuits and sausage gravy for Tom and leftover frittata for me).


There was a brief snippet of archery.  So far I have not had any luck with watching archery or shooting.


I am still doing the animal and garden chores, in the mornings before the heat of the day.  I have been picking lots and lots of blueberries (over an hour each day and not seeming to make a dent).  But one thing I noticed is that Little Red has been beating up on Dirty White Boy.  I moved DWB into the peachick pen to try to save him, but this morning LR was beating up on my favorite hens. So I moved him to a rabbit hutch to await his fate, and DWB was released.  I am not sure you can see how injured he is from this photo.


I was finally able to sleigh the reed this afternoon while watching the USA-Netherlands women’s soccer game this afternoon.


Here is a photo of my sleighing the reed in February 2014 for the Winter Olympics.  So I guess I haven’t always had the warp on before the Olympics started (which is some consolation).

sleighing the reed

Since I have beagle duty in the afternoons, I need to walk her for potty breaks periodically. Today she found an unripe pear that had fallen in the orchard.  She thought it was the best toy ever.  So I brought it into the house for her, and she continues to think it is much better than all of the toys we have purchased for her.

Then we got to watch Megan Rapinoe win the shoot out.


Per the Summer Olympics Sports site, we have yet to see artistic gymnastics, artistic swimming, athletics (which means track and field), BMX freestyle, BMX racing, boxing, canoe/kayak flatware, golf, hockey, karate, marathon swimming, pentathlon, mountain biking, rhythmic gymnastics, rowing, sailing, shooting, sport climbing, taekwondo, tennis, track cycling, trampoline, triathlon and wrestling.  I have learned that I have a ways to go with the Olympics and weaving (I haven’t even threaded the heddles).  Plus I have learned it is a lot easier to weave with the Winter Olympics as there are less farm chores that need to be done.  Wish me luck for week 2.

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Hay and Olympics

On Friday evening our 8 tons of hay was delivered on two trailers.

Then Tom got a chance to catch up with Brad, our hay provider.


We watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.


And then Saturday morning we were faced with the task of putting up the hay.

1st trailer

For the first time in many years, it was just Tom and I doing the hay.  Here is one the bales going up the hay elevator.  Sorry it is sideways.

We took it slow and easy.  We stopped every 12 bales and took a break.  I drank lots of Gatorade.  I was hoping this would help with my adrenal insufficiency issues.


I also relied heavily on my hay hook, keeping it away from my injured thumb.

keeping hay hook off thumb

I created shady seats to use for my breaks.

shaded hay bench

Ryeleigh tried to wait patiently for us.  Here she is briefly distracted by the eagles.

Ryeleigh waiting for us, distracted by eagles

And finally, just after noon, we had the first trailer (4 tons) done.


Tom returned the first trailer to Brad, and we went inside, enjoyed some Olympics and ate lunch.  This is handball,


and this is badminton.


At around 5:00, when the shadows were growing, we put 2 more tons in the hay barn.

This morning I watched some fencing, getting ready for more hay bale moving.


We finished the last 2 tons in the hay loft before noon.  Afterwards I was able to scratch George some.  Peppa wanted nothing to do with it.


And we started putting the tools away.  In addition to the hay hooks, ropes and pulleys came in really handy for moving the hay elevator around.  We are trying to work smarter.

hay tools

And here is the 6 tons in the loft.

6 tons in hay loft

Tom brought the second trailer back to Brad.

For the first time ever, I was successful in growing cabbage.  So for lunch, I made coleslaw accompanied by Silvana Meats Smoked German Sausage.


In the afternoon, I did some bottle washing, laundry and cleaning while watching more Olympics.  Here is swimming,


and basketball.


In addition, we have watched skulling, volleyball, beach volleyball, water polo, skateboarding, and soccer.  Tom was able to see some table tennis, kayaking and equestrian events as well.

I put in a ham for dinner.


and fed some leftover cabbage to the chickens.

chickens like cabbage

Now we are relaxing and recovering from 8 tons of hay, watching more Olympics.  I had hoped to weave while watching the Olympics again, but so far I had had no time to even get the warp ready.  Hopefully things will settle down a little, and I will be able to do that.  But so happy to have our hay in the barns for the winter.

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First Live Music

Yogoman in Fairhaven
Tom, William,Jay and Russ checking out bird in the audience
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