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Mica Mittens

My Mica mittens are done.  I spun the saved fur from my long dead dog Mica and finally spun it into yarn.  I had made a hat earlier, and these are mittens to go with it.  They are Feathercrest by Jared … Continue reading

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Farm Work

Today is a day of getting farm work done.  The first thing (after the usual feeding, watering and cleaning up poop chores) was letting the lambs out of the barn.  First we need to fix the gate to the donkey … Continue reading

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Baby Goat Torture Day

Today was the day.  Eight goat kids were disbudded, and many were also banded.  To ease my conscience and hopefully alleviate some suffering, our vet did this with the aid of sedation and lidocaine.  Here they are sleeping it off. … Continue reading

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