Izzy and quad

So I have been taking a farmcation this last week.  Tom has been away on an ADV trip, and I did not want to try to work and manage the farm by myself.  But the problem with a farmcation (as opposed to a staycation) is that there is a lot of work staring at you.  The usual chores need to be done.  Usually we only have to either water or feed (depending on the season) but now we have to do both.  Because of our drought the pasture is not growing so we are having to feed some of our precious hay.  I have been using the above quad to transport the hay (working smarter).  But I have to contend with a vicious cat first!

I have also been getting ready for Fiber Day at the Bow Little Market on August 21.  Because of the warm weather, I have been able to wash and dry fleeces.

washing wool

I have also been harvesting from our garden and freezing, mostly raspberries, peas, green beans and blueberries.  I have been weeding and watering quite a bit as well.  I did manage to net the blueberries to keep the robins from eating them all like last year.

frozen raspberries peas and beans

I managed to do the goats’ hooves.  I thought I was going to have to start using the zinc foot baths again but their feet are all looking a lot better.  The frequent trimming, Dr. Naylor’s and the dry weather seem to be helping.

Patches on spool

I also found two days to pressure wash our 4 buildings here.  Below are examples of the before and after for our trailer.



I am wore out from my farmcation.  Today I was planning on having a nice day, cooking dinner and zucchini bread for Tom’s return.  Also cleaning the house and getting the hot tub ready while watching the hydroplane races on TV.  But instead I am very sad.  It sounds like my father’s cabin may have burnt down in the Snag Canyon fire near Ellensburg last night.  My husband, father and brother are heading there right now to gather information.  So I am waiting in tearful anticipation of the news.  Please pray/wish/hope for the best for our little cabin.


Update:  Word from the site is that my Dad’s cabin is burnt to the ground.  I cannot describe how painful this is for me.


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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m so sorry, Donna. I’m sure you wanted to make many more memories there.

  2. Jackie Craw says:

    I am so sorry for the cabin loss, Donna.

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