Dead dog

Dead dog
This is an update for yesterday’s post and a continuation of my bad week. This morning I fed and watered the critters and then went to feed the dogs. Elsie, our new skinny stray dog, wasn’t around but I initially didn’t worry because she doesn’t like to hang out with the other dogs too much- I think they annoy her. So I didn’t worry until I fed the other dogs and then went to look for her and noticed the front gate was wide open. My stepson hadn’t shut it when he came home last evening even though he’s been told to many times to keep the animals off the road. We’ve had two cats and one dog killed and one dog had a very broken pelvis from being hit on the road where people drive like it’s a drag strip or something. Anyway, my heart sank. Tom went to close the gate and walk down the road while I kept trying to call her, even though I knew she wouldn’t come. He found her dead down the road. He said she seemed to have turned around like she was heading back to our place, but she’s a black dog walking down the road at night. Anyway, I became quite upset. We took the truck down, collected her up and I dug and grave for her and buried her. This is the exact thing I was trying to prevent and thanks to my either uncaring or forgetful stepson she’s dead. I know she had at least one good day, but I was hoping she’d have more before she died. I’m really sad as well as angry.
2006-07-28 01:54:56 GMT
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