NW Shetland gathering

NW Shetland gathering
October 2nd:

This last weekend we had the second gathering (that I know of anyway) of breeders of Shetland sheep in Washington State. Eight different farms were represented, and we had a nice time of eating, talking and touring our farm here. We discussed the care of management of these sheep and discussed fiber processing. We’re making plans to continue this as an annual event and to establish a Shetland sheep show- hopefully in conjunction with the Skagit County Fair!

To join the discussion and find out what we’re doing, join the NW Shetlands e-mail group below:

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This last week I also created maps for where animals I’ve had here have gone to. I became curious so found a internet map making service and created these maps. They’re at:




2006-10-02 19:55:50 GMT
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