Ice caves and getting ready for winter

Ice caves and getting ready for winter

October twenty first:

Today we went on a much deserved and relaxing hike to the ice caves east of Granite Falls. We had snow shoed here last year but there weren’t any ice caves and even if there were there was so much snow we didn’t get close for fear of avalanches. The ice caves are cool- literally and figuratively! But when you stand in front of them there’s a warm current- quite interesting./ And the day was beautiful!

This week I got prepared for a long, dark, wet fall and winter. I moved the animals into their winter pastures and got the hay feeders ready, and we’ve started feeding hay. I placed stones for the animals to walk on to get out of the mud that’s just now starting to form. I moved the ducks out of the pheasant pen to help minimize the mud in there too. Hopefully we’re ready for whatever winter brings us this year.

2006-10-24 02:57:48 GMT
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