Another goat day

Another goat day
This morning while I was checking my email I looked up and saw this scene. It’s really beautiful living here. This eagle has been taking branches off of that tree and taking them to the river- presumably building a nest there.

Today I was not motivated to go out to the barn for chores. I don’t know if it’s still being worn out from the winter storm, the lack of daylight, or a burn out on animal chores (I hope it’s not the latter), but I stayed in surfing and cleaning until late morning. Then I was able to get my butt out to the barn to feed the critters, and I trimmed all of the goats hooves. They all seem to be in good health except my supposedly pregnant ones haven’t made babies yet. I need to get the compost placed on the garden beds soon- maybe I can do that this weekend?

2006-12-06 23:29:14 GMT
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