Baby rabbits!

Baby rabbits!
Finally! We have baby rabbits! Louise had 11 kits from her breeding to Pepe- a black Satin Angora. Six appear black, one appears chocolate and 4 are light (hopefully a shade of red!). And Thelma had 7 red appearing kits from her breeding to Red- a red Satin Angora. One of the black kits is a runt and may not make it, but the others are looking well. Obviously they are quite vulnerable at this age, but we’ll do our best to keep them safe, warm and fed.

On the weather front- we made it through the recent wind storms without damage. Today it looks like snow. We are all very weary of this weather in this area of the country, but Tom and I can’t complain. We have kept our electricity throughout these ordeals.

2006-12-16 22:12:37 GMT
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