Goats for rent

Goats for rent
We spent this Labor Day weekend hired (with 20 of our goats) to clean a slope with blackberries. We arrived Saturday morning and hacked a perimeter with machetes and then laid out 2 rolls of our electric net fencing. We unloaded the 20 goats and let them have at it. We thought it was going to be a more relaxing weekend then it turned out to be. We had to machete paths through the blackberries for the goats to get toward the bottom of the slope. A lot of nice people stopped by to ask about the goats. At 5:00 AM the first night twin goats kids were born. One of our goats Dot took a big spill down the hill and had to be rescued. A large round metal object fell down the slope taking out some fencing too. I took the dog kennel over to my father’s to rinse out so we had a clean place for the goat kids to stay. So I didn’t get in as much reading as I had hoped (and no knitting was accomplished). But we had a nice time, and the goats ate quite a lot of blackberries. We are sore and scratched up though. Now I look forward to 5 days of the Puyallup Fair where I hope to get some reading and knitting done- we’ll see! 

The rest of the goat trip photos are at:

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2007-09-04 01:31:27 GMT
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Hey, next thing we know you’ll be showing ’em how it’s done down in Seattle (after all, someone has proposed to the city council that they allow goats as pets in the city limits – like that’s really going to happen?) 

Loved your pictures of your trip! Good luck in Puyallup! Tina
–Tina T-P

2007-09-05 07:14:59 GMT


Thanks for the compliment! We sure got a lot of attention there.

2007-09-12 04:31:50 GMT

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  1. Looking to rent goats black berry bushes Puyallup

    • Donna says:

      It is $250 per day. Currently we have 15 goats. We bring portable electric fencing and our camper van to watch over them. So we need to be able to set up these items, and there can not be poisonous plants. Let me know if you are still interested.

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