Skein Winder!

Guess what my wonderful husband did for me?!?  I was having a crappy day at work yesterday, and he called to leave me a voice mail that he was at an estate sale and saw a spinning wheel and did I want it.  I have two wonderful spinning wheels and limited room so I called him back expecting to tell him no.  But when he described it to me it sounded like a skein winder which I don’t have.  So far I use the back of the rocking chair to wind my skeins from my spun yarn- not much fun.  They were asking $45 so I told him I’d like it but see if he could get it cheaper.  Well he got it for half that price, and when I came home from work was thrilled.  I couldn’t figure out what all the wooden gears were for but had to do chores so didn’t have time to check it out completely.  So this evening after work I got to look at it.  It looks antique with iron square headed nails, wooden pegs and wooden homemade gears.  I looked on the web and found a similar one in Norway at that has a counter attached to it.  Then we fixed one of the gears which had come loose, spun it for a while, and a thin strip of wood on the side slapped.  So I have a yardage counter!  I am so thrilled by this skein winder- we glued some loose pieces and cleaned it up.  Nothing is missing, and it’s perfectly functional.  And most importantly I have the best husband in the whole wide world (sorry to other husbands out there) and am a very happy spinner woman!

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  1. inSheepsClothing says:

    Congrats on your skein winder- it does look like a neat contraption. I actually hadn’t ever seen one before last week, when I came across one at antique store in Sedro Woolley- I think it was “Past Times”.Have fun!

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks!I just tried it out- I spun up 2 bobbins of yarn and wound it into a skein fast! It’s washed and drying now.

  3. Franna says:

    What a find!!! That Tom – he’s a keeper. 🙂– Franna

  4. Donna says:

    Thanks- I think so!

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