Spring babies

Spring is definitely the time for babies here.  We are expecting lambs any time.  I’ve been getting up at night for a week doing barn checks- nothing yet- that is except the unexpected surprise of last month- Jet.  She’s doing quite well despite her aged and thin mother and is quite friendly.  No idea who the father is though.  Five ewes (that we had planned to breed) do look pregnant and two have developing udders.  Today is the first official due date- I’ve been checking in case one went early.

Our brown leghorn hen is a great setter.  She’s hatched a couple of chicks this week- an araucana mix and a leghorn mix.  She’s still setting on eggs- some chicken and some pheasant.  I moved her from the nest box into this kennel so I can provide food and water to the chicks while she is confined to continue to set on the eggs.  Hopefully this will work out.
Lastly the kids born 2 months ago and doing well.  They are getting bigger and playful.  They’ve finished their shots but will still need one more coccidiosis treatment and copper injection before they go to their new homes at the end of the month.  I’m trying to spend some more time with them with animal cracker and grain treats to get them friendly- made good progress today.  I took new photos of all of them and posted them on the goat web page at:
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