LAMBS! (finally!)

Lily finally lambed today but not without drama.  I was up every hour last night because her udder was huge and she was off in the far fence line sniffing the ground.  I had to go to work though, and she still hadn’t gone into labor.  I had a meeting today at lunch so I asked Tom to check on her then.  He found her with an intact bag but looking exhausted like she had pushed for a while.  He called me just before I was going into my meeting so I gave him some general advice and told him where the problems with newborn lambs and ewes book was.  He then called me (during the meeting) on my cell- the lamb had it’s neck and head twisted back.  He was able to correct it despite his large hands with a lot of lubricant, and the lamb came out fine. It was trying to stand up when he had to leave to go back to work- after he moved them into a pen.  When he got home from work Lily had a second almost identical ram lamb, and both lambs are doing fine.  When I came home I nursed out one huge udder, but both lambs have obviously eaten off of the other side. We’re calling them Huey and Dewey- Tom got to name them since he saved their lives.  We already have a Louie- he’s Lily’s half brother.  All is well (except the selfish fact that I wanted a ewe lamb out of Lily).  Now Suzette is acting like she’s in early labor.  Should be another long and sleepless (not sheepless) night.

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2 Responses to LAMBS! (finally!)

  1. Kathy says:

    And so it begins…Tom should give himself a solid “Good onya, Mate!” for being there and doing the best thing to help Lily. And congratulations on two healthy ram lambs and relieved mom!

  2. Donna says:

    I’ll pass along the “Good onya, Mate!” to him. Thanks for the congratulations and am now anxiously watching Suzette to see how her lambing will go!

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