A chance to work on the garden

I finally had a day off (after working all weekend) to work on the horribly overgrown and neglected garden.  With our prolonged cool and wet spring the weeds had totally overtaken the struggling corn and bean plants.  The cucumbers and sunflowers never made it, and the squash are barely hanging on.  The tomatoes are doing OK- have been keeping them in plastic bells- but did lose two.  The carrots, parsnips, peas, onion and potatoes are having a heyday growing like mad.  So I raked and hoed all the weeds out of the overgrown bean and corn beds finding a few scraggly plants in each which I tried to save.  I had gone to the feed store and bought the few remaining seeds they had and replanted the beans and corn.  Then I put in a row of swiss chard.  I dug up circles from the grass and planted cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins. I set up some bean poles- many are from bamboo harvested from the orchard.  Then I weed-eated the perimeter, knocking down huge stands of tall grass while I ran a sprinkler on the garden.  Finally I set up chairs and an umbrella and took a break, drinking cool lemonade.

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